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In addition to writing short stories almost obsessively, I have four (short-ish) publications on Amazon as of right now. I plan to write more in the future, but I haven’t worked my way up to writing a full length novel yet.

13 Wicked Tales of Witches

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Whether it’s around Halloween time, or one of the other 11 (boring) months out of the year; you are going to love these 13 stories from Avrin Kelly…

Dear Reader,
I present thirteen stories to horrify you, make you question existence, and even those around you. Thirteen tales of treachery, magic gone wrong and spells done right. Stories about people, just like you, who had a run-in with a Witch… or who are Witches themselves.
You won’t know who the villains are until the end. You won’t know who the monsters are until they strike, but isn’t that the best part about horror?
The unknown?
If you are feeling particularly brave, I encourage you to explore the uncanny world of Witches, with me as your guide. Snuggle down with this creepy read, and come with me into the depths of wickedness and strange magic. To a place where nothing is ever as it seems, where the danger could be lurking in the shadows behind you or right beside you, in the light.
Thirteen tales of terror; every one of them involving a Witch…

→ A handyman recalls the horrifying details of a job he wishes he’d forgotten.
→ An overly curious English teacher gets way more than she bargained for when she sets out to solve a mystery concerning her next door neighbor.
→ A Witch out for revenge on an unfaithful lover, finds he may have beaten her to the punch.
→ A veteran cat burglar underestimates a wealthy old woman in the dead of night.
→ A young handyman tells what happened when he went to work with his father one Saturday afternoon.
→ A Warlock in college is having issues with his unruly doppelgänger.
→ And more… Read “Thirteen Wicked Tales Of Witches” and treat yourself to some twisty, turny (is that a word?) Halloween frights!!!
Signed Sincerely,
Your Guide 




Mathis Celsius has a tendency to play dirty, and with ugly things. He’s been leaving a wake of trouble in his path through the South East Empire.

Thierry has a penchant for thinking quickly in a sticky situation, but there’s a limit to everyone’s abilities, especially when things are falling apart for him back home in Galway, Ireland. He’s got people bugging him to get back home and an otherworldly infestation to take care of in Gilkey, Louisiana, before people get hurt. But rather than cleaning up mess after mess, Thierry sees fit to go after the source: a Magician with way too much power at his fingertips.

Will Thierry be able to catch him before he brings the entire supernatural Community out into the open with his reckless abandon for demon magic?

Will he complete the puzzle, cut off the Magician’s power source and stop demonic hybrids with a taste for his flesh before it’s too late?

Come along for the ride as Thierry Adler tackles both metaphorical and literal demons in the Louisiana swamps. Long before he had the experience and the know how he used in “The Tree”, he was a young, inexperienced Warlock who accidentally picked a fight with a Magician…

*Please note that this book contains graphic violence and strong language.


The Tree

The Tree

“I deal with the supernatural, the unnatural, the odd, the strange and the uniquely horrifying things that are only supposed to exist in children’s nightmares.”-Thierry Adler

Who do you call when a tree (of all things) harasses you?

When Claire Simon, a quiet librarian, is tormented by the red oak on the hill near her house, she takes drastic measures and hires a specialist to help. After hiring Thierry Adler to rid her of her strange problem, things really get weird…

Excerpt from “The Tree”…

“So, you are an exorcist, then?” I blurted out in a harsh whisper of shock.

“Not really, more like a jack of all unnatural trade, versed in the occult, I’m trying to help those who have nowhere else to turn and no one who knows what to do to help them.”

Nervous laughter escaped my lips and I shook my head in agreement. “Because who can you call when a tree is haunting you?”

“Me.” He said with a kind smile.


The Philadelphia Hustler

TPH Cover With Effects

Ryan Case is a lucky guy who got into trouble once.

But that’s all in the past now.
These days, Ryan has a lot of things going for him. He’s going to college, he’ll have a girlfriend soon and he just lost a vengeful Shaman’s beloved Siberian Husky…
Okay, maybe things aren’t going as great as Ryan would have hoped, but surely, this can’t be the worst thing that’s ever happened to him.
How the hell do you kill a Shaman anyway?

*Please note this book contains strong language and graphic violence.


Happy reading everyone! Don’t be a stranger (wink)!