Coup De Grâce (A Co-Written Adventure)

Coup De Grace Cover Edit.png

Coup De Grâce is a novella I co-wrote with my good friend and Twitter sister, Hollie Hausenfluck.

We started off with the idea to just “write something funny” by throwing our two main characters together in a short story for #52weeks52stories. But somewhere along the line, it morphed into a cool little tale about living, loving, learning from your mistakes and of course, magic.


I’ve worked with a number of authors in the past on co-writing projects (and had a blast with all of them). I’ve never worked with an author I didn’t learn something from, but, I was surprised to discover that co-writing a novella… isn’t much different than co-writing a short story. Sure, it takes a little longer, but the important bits are basically the same. (Theme, plot, character, Thierry’s hair etc.— you know, the really important stuff…)

Working with another author allowed me to brainstorm with somebody who was actually as invested in the story as I was. (Wink). Usually, when I go on and on about my stories, the other person (or victim) is trying their damnedest not to fall asleep.


That’s just the life of a writer. Nobody understands– unless they’re a writer themselves. That being said, working on Coup De Grâce with Hollie was the most fun I’ve had in months. She challenged me with questions about Thierry I hadn’t considered. She encouraged me to write –even when I thought I couldn’t– (writer’s block is a bitch), and she is the world’s most dependable editor and partner. Not only was she patient, kind and full of encouragement (because, let’s be honest, I’m NOT the most dependable [anything] in the world), she stuck by me and chose to help, not hurt. And lemme just say, THAT is very rare, not only in writers, but in people (in general).

Anywhoooo, Coup De Grâce should be available to read soon. Probably by the end of April.

Also, I wanted to thank you guys (and gals) for reading! (I know I don’t post here often, but there are soooo many of my favorite blogs/ authors on this site, I figured what the hay? I’m here reading all the time anyway, why not post something too?) So I’ve done it! I left my little cubbyhole over at Wicked Shorts  (for just a sec) to pop over here and say



Read Horror. Question Reality.


Happy writing and reading!

And until next time, for the love of Gollum,

Keep it creepy, wouldja?





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